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Hi! We are Liis and Benjamin.

If during the week we spend most of the time working as developers in Tallinn, then on weekends and holidays we will usually find a way to get out of town and explore various scenic holiday homes and cabins in Estonia.

Eesti Paigad aka Explore Estonia got started with our private Instagram account to where we would save different vacation homes in Estonia that we would like to visit in the near future. Under each post we would write a note, where is the cabin located and how far is it from the bigger cities, to make decision making easier in the future.

After a while we had a small curated collection of the best accommodations in Estonia and whenever we felt like taking a road trip, we did not have to look far, but just choose one of the places we had already found and saved.

Over time we started having more and more followers who were also looking for the best options for a vacation in Estonia. We remember very well how surprised we were, when we suddenly had 60 people following us. Then 900. Then 3000. Today we have over 20 000 followers and we love to create pictures, videos (including drone footages) and blog posts of our best visits to give the perfect overview of what one can expect from this specific holiday home in Estonia.

If you have a great recommendation for a cabin in Estonia or where to invite us, feel free to let us know! We are continuously on a lookout for cool holiday homes in Estonia! :)

Safe travels!

Liis Andre-Micolon and Benjamin Andre-Micolon


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